About Spectrum Music

Spectrum Music is a division of Empire International Merchandising Corporation, A multimedia marketing company engaged in copyright/trademark licensing. As a record label outfit, our business is primarily focused in the manufacture and distribution of a wide selection of foreign music CDs. We have a variety of titles for different genres such as Pop, Jazz, Chill Out, Lounge, Dance, New Age, Classical, and Children's Music. Another product line of Spectrum Music is its wide array of Production Music Libraries. These include complete sound reference and an answer to every quality production music requirement of the highest values, creativity, originality and flexibility. Our main aim is not only to offer a new professional sound reference source to the highest creative and contemporary standards but to also offer a music library that is easy and convenient to use. Our libraries are on Compact Discs format for convenience and cost-effective synchronization or dubbing and are not available on regular record stores.